10 Easy Ways To Dress More Feminine

10 Easy Ways To Dress More Feminine - Trophy ShapeWear


Dressing femininely has so many perks and is very fun! This is why I’m sharing with you those ten easy ways to dress more feminine. In this blog article, there will be a lot of fashion, style, and beauty tips used by us French women. 🇫🇷

✨ 1| Wear The RIGHT Clothes ✅

Wearing clothes that are your size with a fitted cut is the number one and an easy way to look more feminine. Masculine clothing generally tends to be of a looser fit than Feminine clothing. Therefore making sure that your clothes show your body shape without being curve-hugging will make you look more feminine and elegant without looking tacky.

Don’t hesitate to consider getting your clothes fitted for your body. This is a fashion secret used by red-carpet celebrities. This is why and how their clothes look absolutely amazing on them. Some department stores offer this option at a very low price. Here at FemCODES, we offer it for free on most items.

✨ 2| What Your Body-type? ✅

Respecting your body type when you dress will ensure that you chose the cuts that enhance your natural shape. You can read an in-depth guide to know more about your body type right HERE.


✨ 3| Wear Your RIGHT Colors ✅

Light-colored clothing will make you look more feminine. It doesn’t have to be pink or red. Both are classic feminine colors. The secret is to understand which colors fit you better. And for this, you must be familiar with your own color palette. Pastel colors will always be a good bet. You can check your personalized color palette for FREE inside our Signature style guide downloadable.

10 Easy Ways To Dress More Feminine

✨ 4| Wear These ABSOLUTE Essentials ✅

This is an easy one and obviously, in today’s western society, only women wear dresses. Add a high touch of elegance with mid-calf length (midi) to under knees length type of dresses or skirts.

Too short equal vulgar, tacky, and definitely NOT feminine at all. No matter what the trends are going towards, there’s nothing elegant or feminine about showing too much skin. EVER.



✨ 5| Adorn Yourself ✅

Accessories will always be your BFFs when it comes to creating a feminine-looking style. This is the fun part, where you mix and match pieces according to your liking. Make sure that you pay attention to the quality of those before wearing them. I personally LOVE statement and fantasy jewelry but they definitely get worn off with time and usage. Scanty jewelry is always a great choice to look more refined, elegant, and feminine.

✨ 6| Stand Taller ✅

Wearing heels will not only give you a feminine look but also a much sexier walk, elegance, and demeanor. Chose the hight you’re the most comfortable with. If you’re still learning to walk with heels, don’t risk stilettos just yet! Stay on the safe side, and choose chunky ones as they will have better support for the rest of your body.

✨ 7| Beauty, Hair & Grooming ✅

Looking to get that French feminine flair?

The key here is to understand what suits you and making sure that you stay clean and well-groomed. You can find tons of free beauty related tutorials on youtube.

The secret is to practice, practice, and practice some more to master these skills. When it comes to makeup, less is more. If you put makeup on your eyes, put a light shade on your lips. If you chose to go for a bolder lip color, make sure you keep things minimal on your eyes. But never strong makeup on both eyes and lips!



 8| Handbag ✅

Us, French women rarely step outside the house without a handbag. Big or small, it’s where you carry the essentials you need to go through your day. I personally opt for small ones as they compliment my outfits in a very feminine way.

Quality over quantity. I know how easy it is to buy cute handbags that are cheap, but when it comes to this type of accessory, cheap is 95% of the time a sign for bad quality.

Handbags have to stand the test of usage, which is very high when you’re using yours on a daily basis.

Most french brands use long-lasting materials such as leather and quality stitching. This is why, (other than the fact that they are made in France) that these bags can be very expensive.

You don’t have to go for expensive handbags, although these remain the best option to save money in the long term. Only make sure that you pay extra attention to the quality of the parts that will be folded the most, the handles that will carry the weight the most, and the stitchings technique used.

✨ 9| Accentuate THIS Part Of Your Body ✅

Belts, shapewear, high waisted clothes, no matter what is your body type, you have a bunch of options to help you accentuate your waistline.

Why? because a smaller waistline (or the illusion of) will balance your body shape and give the illusion of a bigger bust and hips.

This is how you accentuate (or fake) an hourglass body shape; also known as THE most feminine body shape. Especially with peplum belts, dresses, or tops.

The bonus perk with peplum anything is that it helps you conceal any muffin tops and love handles. 



✨ 10| Signature Scent ✅

Now this one doesn’t literally have to do with fashion as per se, but overall flair. Finding your signature scent will give you that extra “Je ne sais quoi“. Who doesn’t like a person who smells divinely? Smell has the power to make people remember you when you’re not around when they recognize your scent.

Perfumes smell DIFFERENTLY according to your natural body odor. So if you get a perfume recommendation, don’t follow it blindly. Make sure you try and leave it on your body for a de hours before deciding to purchase it. What’s more to this, is that perfumes scents DO change over time and how the bottle is stored. So take this into consideration when choosing and maintaining.

The best places to spray your signature scent is on your natural erogenous zones. Where your body temperature is at its highest🔥. And as I said, spray, don’t rub and let it sit until it dries. If you want to spray on your hair, make sure you’re using a perfume that was designed specifically for hair to avoid drying your mane and damaging it in the process.


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10 Easy Ways To Dress More Feminine

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