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15 Easy Ways To Look More Put Together Effortlessly

 Want to look like a million bucks without over spending?

Here are ten quick tips to help you look more polished, the French women way. Follow the guidelines!


✨ Start With These...

Shapewear is by far one of the BEST fashion invention ever created. Celebrities use them. And stylish women do too. Just like makeup, foundation (in this case foundation underwear) is where you start from.

Our TOP SELLER and TOP rated Olivia has a firm hold and easy fasteners hooks so you easily put it on or remove it. If you’re looking for a lighter hold to smooth out your sexy figure try our TOP rates Cora body shaper. 

Not sure how to choose the right shapewear for your body type? Read OUR GUIDE here. And SHOP them HERE.


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Oh Yes, This One Matters Too!

Every outfit foundation include wearing the right size of underwear. I promise that the way your outfit will "fall" onto your body will be of whole new and better level when you actually wear the right size of underwear, especially when it comes to your bra.

Check out the Dana Breathable Seamless Push Up Bra, that's offers a perfect lift with it large straps, while being seamless and wearable as second skin.

The right lift will enhance and accentuate your waistline, to make it look slimmer and more put together. Learn to measure your body to find out your size in this article HERE.


✨ Diversify

What if I told you that shaping clothes aren't just underwear? Here at Trophy ShapeWear we have a gorgeous selection of luxe loungewear that you can wear in and outdoors AND that are made to shape your body in the right areas to create or enhance an hourglass body shape.


✨ Keep It Polished & Clean.

Your grandma does it, the boutiques do it, are you doing it? Let’s face it, no one wants to spend the time ironing or steaming their clothes. It’s a waste of time, right….wrong. 


Taking the extra few minutes to smooth away wrinkles can make old clothes look new and clearance rack blouses look like high-end couture for a fraction of the cost. Unless your top has Gucci stamped all over it, no one knows the price tag, so let’s fool them all. 


Basically, it's the same concept as our skin. Take care of it, use the right Instagram smoothing filters, and voila we look 10 years younger and can get all the Tinder dates we want. 

Not sure how to properly care for your clothes? Here are some expert tips and tricks to make your clothes look higher end and last much longer. 


👉🏽 Related Article: How To Care For Your Clothes & Make them last longer ✅


✨ Pay Attention To This...

Go ahead, grab the white dress! Is it high maintenance? yes. But so are you and that’s the whole point! Because you will need to care for your white clothes PROPERLY, they will always look more chic and put together.

You can’t get away with days old questionable stains on a white shirt like you can the black. Tend to gravitate towards warmer tone pieces? Opt for a cream or off-white to accentuate your skin tone.


My guess is you already have a piece like this sitting in the back of your closet, waiting for the “right” time to wear it. The time is now sister, strut your stuff!


IMPORTANT!!! Please, for the love of Chanel, don’t skimp out on the proper underwear or shapewear!!! White is beautiful but those five-year-old hot pink polka dot panties aren’t so cute underneath. Go for the nude (color that is) shapewear. We have a gorgeous selection available for all skin tones and everybody HERE


Aside from white, take it one step further and check out the color wheel in our FREE Style Guide. We are all unique and so is our skin.

Make sure you are choosing the color most flattering for your skin tone, taking into consideration; cool, neutral, and warm undertones. If you're not sure your skin tone, hit up the makeup counter and they will be able to tell right away!


✨ Go For Gold.

I used to think gold was only for my grandma until I realized why. Gold will ALWAYS stand the test of time! There is no material that looks more classy or expensive than gold. 

But that doesn’t mean wear gold chains equal to your body weight, you’re not Lil John or Jay Z.

Medium to dainty pieces will go a long way, and can be great to layer with the right cream or white outfit.

Just make sure they are not tarnished or heaven forbid, turning your skin green after a few hours of wear….

And hey, grandma might even have some beautiful vintage pieces she might just share. 


✨ Create Your Signature Personal Style 🔥

If you're sitting here staring at the phrase “signature style” thinking ummmmmm yoga pants and a tee, black dress, and the sweater at my desk, not really sure what your signature style is, we have the answer!

Download our FREE Style Guide! We promise it won’t cost an arm and a leg or a personal shopper at Neiman's to find your signature style. You won’t even have to leave the couch for this one or change out of your boyfriend's sweats.


Our FREE Style Guide helps you understand what is best for YOUR body, lifestyle, and personality. Build your personal brand through fashion and people will recognize and admire you for your great style.


Style Guide FemCODES.com


✨ Mix Things Right.

Ever hit “like” on that influencer's picture with her designer belt, white tee, and high rise jeans, thinking “I wish I could afford to look like that”? It costs way less than you think, that white (pressed) tee was $10 and her jeans are from a thrift store for $15…

The belt? yes it was a full-priced designer. But it’s not the head to toe designer outfit you think it is. 

Mixing the high-end accessories with basic outfits can take an outfit from “mom of 3” or busy college student to “ how does she do it all and look like that?”. A high-end scarf, belt, or bag can really elevate any look!


✨ It's All About The Right Touch.

A Hermes twilly… that’s a car payment! It can, but does not have to be designer. Choose a handbag accessory that elevates any bag from blah to fab. Silk or silk-like scarves make the perfect accessory for your bag and can be so versatile.


✨ Keep It Casual Or Formal. 🎀 

Yes, yes, you have to choose. Ath-leisure has it’s time and place, in the gym, hiking or outdoor activities. Not brunch with the girls, Saturday shopping trips or date nights.

While casual clothes are comfortable and functional, this is also what people see when you're out and about in your gym clothes. And let's face it, they’re not the most flattering and people are probably seeing much more than you think…..


You don’t need to step out in a ball gown or pantsuit but try a more put together, less see-through look. Remember what I said about those old hot pink panties under a white dress? The same thing applies here, we don’t want to see them. 


Jeans and a tee are acceptable, but try pairing it with a blazer or a designer inspired heel or mule. I promise you will look and feel more put together and elevated even if you don't have it all together. Remember, it’s ok to trick others, fake it till you make it. 


✨ Add Those Too. 😎

Wonder why your cat looks more elegant than your dog - besides the drool? It’s the eyes. Cat-eyed sunglasses are always a good choice and an elegant shape on any face. 

Statement pieces will always make you look effortlessly elegant, as long as you wear only ONE statement piece to upgrade your overall outfit. 

Another one of Grandma’s tricks, pearls. Always a classic and a great way to pull together any outfit. 

Side note, don’t forget pearls when going to a job interview. They always take you more seriously!



✨ Learn To Choose.

Clothes and accessories with rich-looking materials will automatically elevate your look. Not only for the seasons but also for your body! As much as we love the comfort of stretch added to our clothes, it hugs the body in all the WRONG places. So unless you’re trying to show off your insecurities, opt for non-stretch. 

For fall and winter, grab pieces in velvet, tweed, or brocade materials. In the spring and summer choose silks and satins for a lighter weight, more breathable option.

They will also dry much faster for those of us that sweat like we're in the Costa Rican jungles. 😆  


✨ Go For Red. 💄

That red lip, classic, iconic and so many shades to choose from. Now, you have to be careful here so you don’t end up looking like the Joker!

I’ve definitely seen that far too many times around the holidays when everybody reaches for the red lipstick and tries to apply it in the car on the way to the party. Ummm you have something on your teeth...


Make sure you find the right shade for your skin tone. Not all reds are created the same and there is no one shade fits all here. If you have warmer skin tones, try out a burgundy or deeper red.

For cooler skin tones reach for a cooler shade of red. And please, don't forget the lip liner!! Things can get messy here and you need to outline first to avoid the lopsided lip look. This can also be helpful in achieving the look of a more plump lip without all the needles of filler.


✨ Nail It. 💅🏼

You don’t need to spend hours at the nail salon, getting your hands and feet pampered - although that sounds so relaxing right now. Instead, have your spouse or kids earn their allowance by giving you a good foot massage and nail soak - don’t let them forget the grapes and glass of bubbles. 


Sometimes all you need is properly groomed nails with a clear coat or neutral shade to look put together. Or if you have the time, try a simple, cute, and professional-looking press-on nail from the brand, Impress. Yes, stick on nails are making a comeback and I’m here for it! 


Bonus points if you can match your nails with your lipstick color. Commit to your go-to lip color, best suited for your skin tone or a beautiful red. Timeless and sophisticated. 

🌹 It ALL Starts At Home ✨


Being put together starts at home. Upgrade your lounging clothes to look more elegant yet comfortable with our Loungewear sets. 

Want even more simple steps to achieve a more put-together, chic look? 


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15 Easy Ways To Look More Put Together Effortlessly 


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