Bra Fitting 101: Your Guide To Finding Your Size At Home

If you're reading this, chances are that you have been wearing a wrong bra size all your life. And today is the day where you find out that bras CAN be worn without pain.

9 women out of 10 have been wearing the wrong bra size all their lives, this is what explains the rise of bralettes and sports bras popularity. Why? because they feel comfortable and still offer (some sort of) support.

You’re probably thinking “I don’t want to wear a freakin bra at home ESPECIALLY since the quarantine started 😂 ”
And I TOTALLY get it.

Which is somewhat ok for small busted women but for the other part, with large and heavy breast, a greater support is definitely needed. As long as you're not wearing the correct bra size, your back, neck and shoulders muscles are taking a painful toll. (🙌🏼  Can I get an Amen Sister?)

And who wants to suffer or spend thousands on doctor appointments down the road?

So with no further due, let's get started.

First of all, let's look at what an ill-fitted bra looks like. Always keep in mind that if it hurst, it's NOT the right size.



Ideally, This is how your bra should sit on you

bra fitting 101

Now let's get yourself measured to achieve this Gorgeous!

You will need a measuring tape (available at any local dollar stores) OR a ribbon or sting paired with a ruler.

  • First, you need to measure your under-bust.
  • Then your breast-level bust. Do this while naked. Stand up and bend your bust forward so that your back is parallel to the floor.

You should see all of your breast tissue coming forward. That's where you measure it flat on your skin.

  • Now with those two measurements, Let's calculate your real size.


Keep in min that you should always be able to feel that comfort from the largest hooks. The tighter rows are there to provide the same hold after the second wear. So if you know the bra fits usually on the first row but hook in on the third or tighter, that’s your indication that the bra needs to be washed.

BONUS | How to care for your bra:

Here’s a fact about your favorite bra: ALL bras have a lifetime of about SIX months of usage, which means 👇🏽

You will need to replace all your bras every 6 months. What I recommend is that when you come across a model that you love and loves you back, buy at least two or three of the same one.

This way you can alternate between them throughout your week.

Bras last longer if you hand wash them. And lay them flat to dry.

Same for storage, do not fold them over. Keep them laying flat or on a hanger.

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