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How To Look And Dress Slim

No matter what's the reason why you want to look slimmer this will serve as you ultimate guide to understanding what type of clothes flatter your figure and which ones to avoid when you want to snatch you waistline.


Let's start with the basics.

Looking slimmer is all about playing with the proportions of your body, so whether you were blessed with a natural hourglass body shape or not, you will ALWAYS be able to make your mid-section appear smaller.

Foundation garments, and yes I mean SHAPEWEAR.

Why though?

Because foundation garments, AKA Shapewear act like the perfect base to your outfit. Think of it like your foundation for you make up. Besides, most of the clothing you can find in retail aren't structured enough to enhance your body shape anyway. And if you're not a style expert, with a good eye to recognize what clothes have a neat structure, then that's one more reason for you to want to wear shapewear.

The celebrities do it, your neighbor Cindy (who always looks put together) does it, I do it, and so can/should you.

Where to start?

First of let's identify your body shape right below, Are you An Apple? A Pear?, A Rectangle, A Triangle? An Hourglass? etc...

body shapes
Welcome into the incredible world of butt savers, AKA Shapewear!
In case you're new to all of this, let me tell you this. NOT all shapewear is created equal. They all have a different purpose based on how they are designed.
For the purpose of this article I'm adding a quick graphic below to show you which shapers are the best for your body type.

Now let's talk about compression levels...

Have you ever tried to get into a shaper, only to find out you just couldn't breathe?
That's because you simply chose the wrong compression level.
Some shapers are only made to smooth out your figure and have a very light compression level.
While others are meant to sculpt your waist line and are meant to feel VERY narrow with a powerful compression level. Think of Rose in Titanic getting laced up into her corset.

So what compression level is best for you?

The answer is simple, which ever you can wear. If you're just starting out with wearing shapewear, start with a low compression level and go gradually higher as your body gets used to the compression.
We also recommend to wear low to medium compression shapewear for long hours wear.
If however you wish to sculpt your body for a few hours; let's say you're attending an event and really want to fit in a tight dress, you can go for a medium to high compression level. As long as you can still breathe while wearing your shapewear.

So what kind of shapewear is best for your outfit?

Shapewear have an array of different designs and cuts that are made to be worn with the majority of your outfits.
But the focus would be more around what area of your body you wish to shape or sculpt.
Let's start from the top of your body.

Arm shapers

These are your go to if you want to shape your arms and can be worn under any top with sleeves that cover your arms. They don't necessarily cover your bust but some actually do like our Isabel arm shaper and posture corrector
posture-corrector-arm-sculpt-shaper-isabel trophyshapewear

Bust Shapers

These act like the best bras ever created, they can be worn on the top of your current bra if you need extra support or alone if you don't. They smooth out any rolls around your bust front and back as well. And don't show under your tightest clothes. #TheDream Check out our Esther Posture Corrector Push Up 👇🏽

Tummy Shapers (most popular ones)

These are made to provide a targeted focus around your waist line to sculpt your figure into an hourglass body shape. Hide any tummy muffin top. #BodyGoal Check out our BEST seller, Olivia The Power Sculpt Bodysuit 👇🏽 or our Waist trainer Willow.
power-sculpt-fit-tummy-control-shapewear-olivia trophy shapewear

Butt Shapers

These will rapidly become you new BFFs if you want to enhance or create curves around this are of your body. Some shaper even include pads to provide extra volume. Check out our Coralie Bodysuit shorts.👇🏽

Thighs & Hips Shapers

Want to refine your thighs and look a tad taller? These ones are for you. some are made to create a thigh gap and smooth out hip dips. Just like our VICTORIA Shaper, that's combined with a waist trainer to provide a mid section shaping support and under-bust support.👇🏽🔥
victoria-plus-size-seamless-underbust-mid-thigh trophyshapewear

All over bodysuit shapers

These ones are made to provide a full body support, perfect for wearing under a long dress (with or without sleeves) or a jumpsuit. Just like our Queen Shaper

Which color is best?

Skin tone/nude or black? Ok, we've ALL heard how black makes you slimmer and look more elegant but hear me out.
Ideally get a pair of both so this way you won't have to choose or only have one option.
However, the best color to go for IS NOT black when if comes to shape wear. 
I know what you might be thinking, If I wear black most of the time, it only makes sense that I choose black underwear and shapewear...
Well, skin tones shapewear will NEVER be seen no matter what color you are wearing.
Especially under whites, creams, or any light pastel colors and obviously black as well. This is why I highly recommend going for your skin tone shapewear like our Coralie Bodysuit Shapers.
Here at Trophy ShapeWear we carry a large selection of skin tone shades to fit all complexions. 

Next let's dive into style...

Heels, heels and heels.

They will make you stand taller and refine your overall silhouette instantly

Buckle Up

Wearing an accent belt on your waist line will create a natural looking hourglass body shape

Navy in the new black... (seriously though)

Tired of wearing black? Or don't want to fade in the mass? Navy should be your next go to color. There's a reason why dark jeans (other than black or grey) make you look more slander. It's because this color just WORKS. 


Bandage anything really... this material is just amazing to help sculpting your body shape, check out our ULTRA-sexy Rachelle | High Waist Bandage Leggings Trousers.

And Obv', Don't skip on your daily activity...

Did you know that taking only 3000 steps daily helps you burn around 150 Cal alone? Keep your sexy body moving, stay healthy and drink water.
How To Look And Dress Slim
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