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How To Preserve Your High Value & Feminine Energy During A Crisis

Yes, we’re living through a crisis.

But what if?

What if what’s truly happening is the soil from where you completely change your life for the better?


Back in the last six months of 2019, everyone around the globe was claiming that 2020 was going their year of growth.

The year where they will finally do X, Y, or Z.

People declared out and loud and clear that 2020 was going to be their best year ever.


Now here we are, six more months into 2020. In a world, nobody could have imagined.


But what if, the energy of all of our wishes, declarations, manifestations, prayers, got SO potent, that God heard it all.

And then, decided to create a real-life environment, the soil, where we would create real changes from?


For all of us to realize that our lives were filled with BS?


People we used to call our friends. And the same ones who didn’t even check with us if we were ok during the lockdowns…


Partners that we now realize shouldn’t be in our lives…


Partners that we now realize we have been mistreating and took for granted…


Other family members, we barely took the time to spend time with…


Because we were so damn trapped with our busy-ness, with eyes glued on our phone screens, and ears blocked by headphones.


Jobs we just hated but forced ourselves to keep to pay the bills.


This never-ending chase of time.


Here’s the truth though:


We humans just cannot ask for growth and then start complaining when it starts raining on our soils.


Technology has us SO damn fooled!


We got so used to having everything without an ounce of effort and instantly.


So we just forgot.


Forgot about patience, trials, and betterment.


The best and everlasting changes only ever happen in times of challenges. When we’re forced to step things up at a higher level.


When we’re ready to save ourselves because we have no other choices left.


And then overcome the challenges. Only then we rise. Proud. And successful.


May we all be successful.


From my heart to yours. XO


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