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What A Signature Personal Style Can Do For You

Do you tend to spend a little too much time wondering what to wear? 
Maybe because you just don’t know how to pair your clothe together,
Or because You keep feeling like you don’t have anything to wear even though your wardrobe is full of clothes?
And, yes, You know that dressing for the job you want is important but you don’t know where to start?
Perhaps you keep wondering how you could make a lasting impression on people you just met without having to spend your entire life savings on new clothes? 


Hey, my name is Queen Soheir. I’m professional Personal Stylist & the founder of FemCODES.com where we sell elegant and sophisticated lady-like clothing for women like you.


Contrary to popular misconceptions such as “ Your Clothes or style is not important, it is what you have inside of you that counts” or “Real beauty comes from within, it is not about what you are wearing or how much makeup you put on your face”


I can assure you that A better overall life starts with unleashing your own personal style!


🌹 Welcome into the world of Feminine Dress Codes. 🌹


While these statements are initially based on profound values, they also get very much misinterpreted!

What if I told you that the fastest, and yet the simplest way to allow people to see your inner beauty, is by making sure that your outside matches the inside?

Let me explain further…

First of all, people do not judge you based on your appearance. What you have been told to believe is completely FALSE! 💩

As per se, people do not judge you based on your appearance; as in what you are literally wearing, subconsciously, they judge you based on the ENERGY that you project on THEM.

And if that energy feels good and warm to them, that is how you conquer their hearts, you leave a lasting impression on them and create an overall attraction to you.


So, let’s just look at what happens to you When You unleash your signature personal style, and how it impacts your life.

A good looking outfit is FAAAAR more POWERFUL than what most people think. When you look good and know it, it breeds inner feelings of strength and self-confidence.

Therefore, you show up differently. You walk differently. You talk differently and the energy that flows out of your pores is of a higher vibe, and better quality. You simply show up as your best and the world responds to it. usually positively.

It’s for this precise reason that superheroes wear special costumes.

It is simply because they feel at their most powerful state when they wear it. It ignites their alter egos to come out and behave differently than when they are not wearing their costumes. It gives them the PERMISSION everyone secretly seeks to be completely the person they dream to be. And be at their best and strongest.

Intrinsically everyday fashion has the same power on all of us. This is why fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Fashion has been stamped with a reputation for being frivolous when it actually acts as the most POWERFUL catalyst for life transformation, and in taking the right actions in our lives to reach our goals.

Now let’s see how this impacts others around you.

All of this also impacts others around you on their subconscious brains. It triggers them to think that if this is how well you treat yourself, then you will be treating them the same way. Or at least, you will teach THEM how to treat themselves the same way.

And, my dear, THIS is what everybody wants, THIS attracts them to you. THIS is what makes them follow your lead. THIS is what makes them want to help you and open doors for you; because subconsciously everyone of us wants to feel THIS same way about ourselves. 

Now, What Do I Mean By Dressing “Better” or having a signature personal style?

If I give you names such as Steve Jobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Beyonce, and Anna Wintour have that in common. They all possess a SIGNATURE STYLE. It is so potent that you can recognize them even as a black and white silhouette.


Style is not fashion, or about what trends. But it is CRAFTED out of fashion pieces put together.

And creating your signature personal style isn’t about copying someone else’s style but truly researching and understanding what style can be created based on you, your personality, preferences, lifestyle needs, and body type.

Keep in mind that this is not about indulging in a lavish lifestyle, but rather making the most of what is already hanging inside of your wardrobe and adding new pieces to complete the new looks you seek.

So if you are ready to upgrade your style and own your future; I have something very special for you! 

Let me introduce you to Feminine Style Prep!

Think of it as your Netflix for personal style tips and much more.

Some style Gurus make you pay for high-level fashion tips, but you can access Feminine Style Prep for only $9 a month.

And you can cancel it as any time. But I’m confident that you’re so not gonna want to!

There’s SO much value inside of the membership. We cover in deep details how to create a signature personal style that will make people recognize you, and help you build your personal brand through fashion. And you can start right below this video. 

So go ahead Take advantage of this offer and upgrade your style and life right now!

I will see you on the other side!


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