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How Dressing More Feminine Will Change Your Life

It goes without saying but in today’s society, we still have to lay it down black on white, if you want to be treated like a Lady, be, dress, and act like one. Women these days are being encouraged to be the complete opposite of what they were born to be. And act very masculine to prove that they are strong and worthy of the same things as men.


But there’s no denying that a human being thrives in the gender they were created to be. Women have been fighting so hard for centuries to be able to have equal rights to men. And while amazing progress was made, in terms of having more rights, they forgot that being a feminine woman is as powerful as a masculine man. Only differently. Getting lost in the fight of which gender is stronger, more intelligent or deserving is a pure waste of time.

Both women and men were created to COMPLETE each other NOT to COMPETE. So, why choose which one is best when we can rip the benefits of the beautiful things that can happen and be created when both are working together towards the same goals?

And the fact that this has to be said in today’s world is completely beyond me.

The first reason why a woman should strive to be more in her feminine energy, (not completely,) but let me reiterate, “more” such as “MOSTLY” in her feminine is because, well that’s what she was born to be. A woman.

Going against nature is forcing things. It leads to serious permanent damages. Women who tend to suppress their feminine energy end up burning out. They end up exhausted. They end up depressed or under severe anxiety. Nowhere near where a woman should be.


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There are so many benefits to be more feminine.

Alignment is one of them. When you’re in tune with your inner feminine queen, you feel and stand differently. Alignment is the most powerful mental state that you can be living in. You feel deeply confident in everything that you do on a daily basis. I’m talking about pure, strong, complete, unapologetic and unshakeable self-confidence. Meaning nothing and no one is able to take it away from you.

You’re focused and unbothered. And therefore you reach your goals. This is the mental state of freedom. And freedom is the highest form of luxury in life.

For this article, I asked other women to share their personal stories with me and you, on how being more feminine has changed their lives.

This is what they had to say:

People are more kind to be me, I get lots of attention, boys suddenly fall in love with me, good mood, I’m over depression,and believe it or not, lots of good luck in everything!  I believe that since my mood is better and now I’m confident, I’m attracting better things throught law of attraction

Yes a lot easier to influence people to give me money and gifts. More network connections. More family friends. More security.

$$ flowing and men have been coming left and right

People are super nice and helpful, especially since I got my boobs done! When I look my best I’m confident to insist on being treated well, even if it’s on a phone call and the person can’t see me. Men have sent amazon gift cards all week and I’ve weeded out dust.
When you level up, the more you learn, the better you’re treated. It’s addictive!

I believe that being more feminine is one of the keys to success as a woman. No matter what lifestyle you’re aspiring to get.

You will find many more details and simple steps to be and look more feminine in my eBook The Feminine Codes. It’s a straightforward guide that encourages women to refine their style and lifestyle to be more feminine and become the best version of themselves.

Now let’s talk about all the different ways that you can awaken your own feminine energy and style your outfits to look more Ladylike. I wrote a few articles that cover different aspects of this topic.

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How Dressing More Feminine Will Change Your Life

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