How to infuse sensuality in your life

How to infuse sensuality in your life - Trophy ShapeWear

How to infuse sensuality in your life


“Sensuality is a state of being & a lifestyle”

Sensual isn’t much of a word you hear every day. It tends to get rapidly confused with erotism or sexuality. And though they are linked, they are very different from one another. Sensuality is a lifestyle where, as a woman, you take your time to enjoy different levels of feelings.

It will benefit your life in many ways. Such as creating a better sense of self-love, deep desires and body need for fulfillment. Helping you self generate the love and attention you crave the most. Then any love and attention brought by external sources will be a great addition to complete on what you already have. From self-love comes self-confidence. And strength. And who doesn’t want all that?

The female energy is absolutely all about slowing down and feeling our emotions. But not only that, feeling our surroundings. Feeling the food we eat. Feeling the clothing we wear. Feeling the touches we receive, the hugs we give to others and to ourselves.

Pause, receive, accept, and feel. Letting the sensations sink into our soul. Enjoyment. Savoring every single bit of the moment and wrapping ourselves into it. 

In our modern society, we also tend to confuse this with mindfulness. But to me, a sensual lifestyle goes deeper; because it’s not just about observing things around you. It truly is about letting the sensations run throughout your body and enjoy them.

Nowadays, We’re all SO focused on being productive and hyper-efficient. We’re obsessed with time management, never-ending to-do lists, and multi-tasking. This comes from a very masculine driven energy and functioning.

Us women need to feel. Not only emotionally speaking. But awaking all of our senses. Our main sense is touching and we are severely deprived of it. 

How much of you right about now feels the craving to be in nature and taking a moment for yourself away from any cares and duties?

The more civilization has “progressed” the less we spent time outdoors. And ironically the more businesses popped up to sell us a plethora of plants and flowers. With the idea to bring nature indoors.

The reason why we crave for natural surroundings is because of our deepest need and desire to FEEL our surroundings and allow its purest energy to fill us up completely into peacefulness. 

Not only that but our creator made us from dust. It’s your nature craving for its natural habitat.

I mentioned the words “slowing down “ and that’s one way to start transforming your lifestyle into a sensual one.

I know you’re told to keep working your way up against the clock and one way to facilitate this is to time block for your time to slow things down.

Whatever you may choose to do during this time frame. Even if it’s working on creating anything. Because yes you CAN still be productive while slowing down. 

Your idea of slowing down could be soaking yourself into a hot bubble bath. Whatever it is, it should be about what your body needs.

So tune inwards and ask yourself “what do I need right now?”

Another way is to allow yourself to choose clothing that makes you feel like you’re laying down on a cloud. The materials of your clothing are the main thing you feel all day long. 

Chose them carefully, whether you prefer fresh cotton, velvet, silky materials or lace details like our best-seller Mia Sexy Mousse. Let yourself enjoy the feeling of the texture of what you wear, every day.

To guide you in this journey, I have created a FREE Style guide that you can download right away.

Another way is to choose a body cream that smells divinely with a texture that you prefer. Apply it on your skin daily. 

When you’re on the run, you can apply your favorite hand cream. Give yourself a mini massage from the tip of your fingers to your wrists. I used to do this religiously during my lunch breaks when I was working in an office. This would immediately relax me out of the job stresses. And would mentally mark my “personal time” even when I was at work. 

Movements. Slow Movements…

The next way I want to cover is to move your body slowly. If you’re into Yoga, you already know this. If you’re not, then slow body stretches with deep breathing will do the trick for you. Moving your body will release tensions and energies that are locked into your muscles due to stress.

So moving your body will ease up the tensions and help you feel into your body.

Dancing is another way to release sensuality. There are many different dances that will help you feel sensuality in your body. The part that needs to move the most is your hip area. This is the part where your womb is and the home of your sensuality and female energy. Belly dancing and bachata have this mesmerizing effect on people because of the way their movements release the feminine energy at its purest and most intense forms.

Next up, spray your favorite perfumes and scents on and around you. Aromatherapy has proven itself a long time ago. Slowing down and allowing yourself to live in a bubble of scents that are unique to your taste will awaken your sense of smell and relax you. Helping you slow down and give yourself into the moment. Closing your eyes and focusing on what you smell. Breathing it in deeply and savouring its benefits.

The main aim of living sensually is to awaken yourself. Remember not everyone who’s living is actually alive. 

The masculine energy is beautiful because it helps us make things happen, stay sharper and provide for ourselves when it’s necessary. However, when us, women stay more on our masculine sides, it numbs our feelings.

We lose touch of who we are and how we really feel. This imbalance in energies forces us to live and act in ways that aren’t natural for us; which leads to either depression or anxiety. 

This is mainly caused by the misalignment between who our bodies and souls need us to be and who we’re told or force ourselves to be.

The spiritual path to your success:

A sensual lifestyle helps you to get acquainted with your soul on the deepest levels. Developing your intuition and channel your connection with your creator. Though sensuality, you get guidance from him directly to lead you in your life. 

You will find many more details and simple steps to activate your feminine sensuality in my eBook The Feminine Codes. It’s a straightforward guide that encourages women to refine their style and lifestyle to be more feminine and become the best version of themselves.

The art of feminine essence and elegance. Learning to be a woman in a man’s world.

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