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AffirmActions: Manifestations For Abundant Self Confidence

Well well, this is a long overdue and highly requested article. The first of a monthly series to guide and inspire your meditations, manifestations, and prayers.

In this one, we will focus on self-confidence. Well because self-confidence is absolutely everything in life.

By the way, have you watched the movie with Leo Dicaprio "Catch Me If You Can"?

Apart from the fact that this was an awesome movie featuring Leo 😍, I'm still fascinated by how Frank Abagnale (the real man in the story, and yes he has his own wiki page! 😂) was able to make EVERYONE around him believe every lies he was spilling out.

While this is definitely NOT an article to influence you to act as he did, this is definitely about noticing his outstanding level of self-confidence.

That's exactly what made everyone believe him. Self-confidence will bring you places talent can't. So now let's work on this, shall we?

The ultimate way to create or boost self-confidence that lasts is to deeply program your mind to believe in yourself.

If you haven't watched my video about "How To Stay The Course With Your Feminine Transformation" I HIGHLY encourage you to watch it because I go in-depth in breaking down the science of mindset re-programming in a VERY easy way.

Now affirmations around self-confidence is only HALF of the work. You've got to walk the talk lady.

Which brings me to what I called: AffirmActions

It's very simple and SUPER duper effective. I'm so NOT playing around; this thing WILL change your life! Are you ready? 😁

We start by choosing your main goal. As said earlier this is about self-confidence. Then we plan actions and small easy steps to take around those affirmations.

Why though? well I told you, sweetheart, watch my video 😁 👉🏽  HERE

Now let's get into it together:

Self Confidence Affirmations:

I am beautiful. 
I am strong.
I am confident.
It's so easy for me to feel self confident.
It’s easy for me to care of me.
My entire body constantly vibrates high frequencies of self confidence.
I am love and I am faith.
I have faith in me.
I believe in myself.
It is safe for me to fully feel confident.
It's so easy for me to feel fully confident.
My self confidence is unshakable - nobody can take it away from me.
I was born for this.
I deserve to feel confident.
I highly value myself.
I believe in myself and my skills.
I am powerful beyond measure.
I have the power to change my world and my reality.
I call the shots in my life.
I can do anything I set my mind to.
I am confident in my abilities.
I grow with every challenge.
I am worthy of self-confidence and self-love.
I am worthy of happiness.
I am worthy of success.
I deserve to be paid well for my skills and time.
I am supported in all I do in life.

I'm the prize, I am the TROPHY

Inspired actions:
  • Create a simple beauty self care routine (A night time one is THE most effective - It's called beauty sleep for a reason...)
  • Move your body (Dancing is my favorite one to boost my energy levels, and Yoga or Tai-chi makes me release tension like nothing else. Like seriously I end up in tease of peace...)
  • Apply make up (or learn to apply it accordingly with YOUR facial shape and complexion) & Take selfies for yourself (NO filters) and if you like the results share them
  • Plan your week ahead
  • Update your CV
  • Book all your self maintenance appointments (doctors, beauty/hair etc.)
  • Journal on what's making you disbelieve in yourself
  • Pray to manifest the self confidence you need for your goals
  • Make a list of all the things that make you feel amazing, strong and confident, and go do them


I REAAAALLY want to insist on the "taking actions" part. All of this work WILL NOT WORK unless you act upon those affirmations.

Small steps are better than none.

Imperfectly done is better than nothing done.


Not only these steps help programing your mind, but they get you to implement things in your life to get you closer to your goals.

All the external beauty supplies, and fashion staples, will be there to support your growth; BUT will NEVER be enough alone.

Confidence is a feeling. It's an energy. It comes from within. Now go on and make your AffirmActions come to life!


From my heart to yours,

Mrs Queen
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