5 Ways upgrading your style will change your life

5 Ways upgrading your style will change your life - Trophy ShapeWear

5 Ways upgrading your style will change your life

Improving your life can be done through a multitude of ways, including expressing gratitude, exercising, or facing your fears. Mostly, it refers to adding something new to your life that is both valuable and welcomed. It is all about adopting some habits to express gratitude towards yourself. But at the same time, improving your life can mean changing your style and reinventing your wardrobe. 

Throughout this article, I’m going to lay down all the reasons why your personal style has the power to completely change your life for the better.

There are various benefits of changing your style. And being fashionable is not hard when you have access to Queenly clothing itemsBefore you dismiss this thought, read on the following five reasons.

#1 You Will Feel More Confident

Allowing some time to pamper yourself while upgrading your style and choosing a Queenly dress is a sure way of making you feel more confident. Even though you might think it is wrong to overthink about your appearance, you will be amazed about how many positive feelings you will experience. No matter if you opt for a fancy jumpsuit or a colorful pleated skirt for a cloudy day, it will offer you the confidence needed to make every day the best day of your life.

#2 You Will (Re-)Discover Yourself

Upgrading your style can be an opportunity of finding more about how you are. Exploring fashion styles will get you a more in-depth understanding of your personality. And with this new insight about yourself, you will definitely feel like your life is better. So, express your uniqueness with the help of a rather exquisite outfit, such as the ones featured in the Mrs Lux Collection.

#3 You Will Care For Yourself More

Being modest doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid your needs altogether. Give yourself time to breathe and to pamper yourself. Scientists say that if you want to make your life better, you should dedicate some time to your needs. Go for 20 minutes per day in which you rearrange your wardrobe, mix and match your clothes, or even indulge in a little bit of Atelier Lingerie shopping.

#4 You Will Be Appreciated More

Simpleness and modesty work well with a well-thought outfit. Moreover, dressing in a fashionable and neat manner will say a lot about you. You will stand out as a creative and attentive person with a qualitative outfit. All you have to do is experiment with different outfits up until you feel comfortable with the result. You can be modest, comfy, and stylish at the same time with one of the best modest casual outfits.

#5 You Will Pay More Attention To Details

Upgrading your style and, Making changes to your life can allow you to observe even the smallest details easily. In this way, you will be able to spot even the most minor distress of your loved ones, which ultimately will allow you to help them and express all your support.

The nitty-gritty of things…

Have you ever heard statements in the lines of “Clothes or style aren’t important, it’s what you have inside of you that counts” or “Real beauty comes from within, it’s not about what you’re wearing or how much makeup you put on your face”?

What if I told you that the fastest and simplest way to make people see your inner beauty, is by making sure that your outside looks as great as your inside?

Let me explain…

First of all, people don’t judge you based on your appearance. What you’ve been told to believe is completely FALSE, Puuuuure B.S! As per se, people don’t judge you based on your appearance; as in what you’re literally wearing, although it looks good and they can see it; subconsciously, they judge you based on the ENERGY that you project on THEM.

And if it feels good, that’s how you conquer their hearts, and make a good lasting impression on them. The bonus side is that not only it feels good to be around you, but it feels good to look at you too boo.

The not so secret weapon of successful people & what happens when you dress better:

A good looking outfit is FAAAAR more POWERFUL than most people think. When you look good and know it, it breads inner feelings of strength and self-confidence.

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Therefore you show up differently. You walk differently. You talk differently and the energy that flows out of your pores is of a higher vibe, and better quality. You simply show up at your B.E.S.T. and the world responds to it.

It also works on another subconscious level; where people think that if this, is how well you treat yourself, then you will be treating them the same way.

Or at least, you will teach THEM how to treat themselves the same way.

And, THIS is what attracts them to you. THIS is what makes them follow your lead. THIS is what makes them want to help you and open doors for you; because subconsciously they want to feel THIS same way.

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The wonder woman effect & the power of your outfits…

Haven’t you ever wondered why superheroes wear their special costumes?

Well, it’s simply because they feel at their most powerful state when they wear it. It ignites their alter egos to come out and behave differently than when they are not wearing their costumes. It gives them the PERMISSION everyone secretly seeks to be completely the person they dream to be.

Intrinsically every-day fashion has the same power on all of us.

This is why it’s a multibillion-dollar industry.

People who don’t understand this tend to think that fashion is frivolous; when it actually acts as the most POWERFUL catalyst for life transformation, and in taking the right action in our lives to reach our goals.

Personal style & the corporate world…

Back in the days where I was working to climb up the corporate ladder, I made a point of dressing for the role I wanted. And when I got it, I made a point of dressing even better.

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Because as a people manager, I knew I needed to look the part so people could easily see themselves following my lead in their subconscious. Especially because the majority of them were way older than me. But of course, those efforts came with a package of being extra great and passionate about my jobs. Performing at my highest levels. Providing excellent results and nothing less.

But what do I mean by dressing “better”?

Steve Jobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Beyonce, and Anna Wintour have that in common. They have a SIGNATURE STYLE. So potent that you could recognize them into a black and white shadow caricature. Style isn’t Fashion, It is CRAFTED out of fashion pieces put together.

The flip side of things…

On the reverse side, when you know that you are not dressed as good as you would like to, have you ever noticed the way that you’re prone to hiding yourself?

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How many times have you failed to show up at a party or special event simply because you didn’t own the “right outfit”?

So you just simply passed on the opportunity to spend an amazing moment to make life long memories.

Let me say that again, you missed the opportunity to meet new people that could have changed the course of your life for the better. Missed on an occasion to probably meet your significant other. You’re next best friend or your future boss, business partner, people you truly admire. All this simply because you didn’t on the right outfit!

Well, I guess you’ll never know…

But how does that sound to you? Or makes you feel?

Don’t get me wrong I ain’t judging sister. I also have been there.

And that’s precisely my motive behind House Of Heiress. Providing unique yet outstanding but simple and highly elegant modern modest clothing that will act and serve you as your next life-changing pass to showing up as the person your dream to become. Just so you could conquer the life of your dreams.

Changing your style and purchasing new stylish outfits are connected. You will be able to better your life with one (or all) those five tips we’ve listed above. And keep in mind that this is not about indulging in a lavish lifestyle, but rather about making the best of the most uncomplicated and comfortable Queenly outfits in your wardrobe.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your style and own your future; I have something very special for you. And it’s completely FREE of charge.

Some style Gurus make you pay for this high level of fashion tips, but you can download your FREE Style Guide, to help you create a signature personal style that will make people recognize you, and help you build your personal brand.




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