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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’ve lost TWO of my aunts to Breast Cancer 💔 #vulnerablemoment
Ladies, we’ve reached October ALREADY (😱) the annual Breast Cancer Awareness month.
And know the world is going crazy right now with this pandemic but this isn’t the only thing going on sadly...
On the top of getting yourself checked (at home EVERY month or by your local doctor or Breast cancer check point)
PLEASE understand a few things:
1/ Cancer affects 1 in 8 women! 😩💔
2/ It doesn’t appear over night, your lifestyle will be it’s trigger (especially if like me it’s likely to be in your genes)
Even if you’ve been blessed with better genetics,
Start with knowing your foods insensitivities, as they mess up with your body in the long run.
3/ Try your best to stay away from chemicals, and DO check the labels of your body & beauty products! (Deodorants, creams etc.)
I know it’s a journey and tons of stuff to learn but that CAN save your life. 💕
4/ Reduce stresses as much as possible. Mental health is part of your overall health
PLEASE, please, please SHARE this message around you.
It’s FREE to do so 💕
From my heart to yours,
Your Sister in faith 😘
PS: At TrophyShapewear we’re pledging to donate 5% of our earnings on all sales over our Lingerie collections for the month of October to the American Cancer Society. We would love for you to help us raise this donation 💕
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