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How To ALWAYS Look Elegant & Put Together

 Walking with the aura of respect and authority in the society is one general characteristic craved by most, however; lost as to how to bring it to reality. Putting a name to that aura, we voice the word being put together, elegant and classy, and Being classy has many steps to it and since your outfit is a critical aspect of it, let’s channel our chat in that direction.  

How to be and stay elegant and put together depends on certain characteristics

 1. Understand your body 💕

Understand your body and know what outfit fits your body type; You can’t exactly afford to go for an outfit just because it looks spectacular on someone else you saw, come on; there’s something called and individual uniqueness, build your Elegance on your uniqueness not someone else’s except you both have a similar so body type. So when you are picking that dress go for the one that fits correctly, don’t be tempted to go for a tighter one.

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How To ALWAYS Look Elegant & Put Together


2. Chose The Following Carefully ✨


Our outfits voice “Elegance” through its fabric; A beautiful fabric would usually need little to it to earn you that aura of Elegance with little work from you. Moving ahead to visualize this is the Chiffon Dubai Abaya Embroidered but Blush Sand Gray Black, it has its embroidery just here and there, and still can’t help but hits the note of Elegance since the fabric is top-notch.

Another outfit that can’t help but visualize how fabric enhances the path to Elegance is Alannah Luxurious Sequins Embroidery Lace Abaya, with this masterpiece the word Luxury wasn’t featured because of its price tag, Nah… its basically because that fabric speaks for itself and defines Elegance without even trying hard.



3. Keep It Covered ✅

One of the keys to Elegance is modesty, keep things classy and don’t reveal too much skin, or dress too tight. We sometimes make the mistake of thinking showing more skin would help get a department in the faculty of Elegance, when in fact, it does because otherwise, dressing like that would only voice that you are trying too hard to keep up with Elegance with little or no success at all. look elegant

You might want to see how this works, and I know just and the perfect example, Natasha Elegant Business Casual Modest Jumpsuit, this outfit, in fact, covers most of the skin, yet with an outfit like that you command respect with every step. As opposed to that, Crystal Elegant Long loose Jumpsuit shows more skin, but not more than necessary and its simplicity screams magnificent Elegance.


4. Adorn Thyself ✨ 

Accessories can either make or be an eyesore to your outfit; it’s essential to go for accessories that complement your outfit without so going overboard. Depending on the occasion, choosing the right accessories helps you look more put together and elegant.


5. Shades 🎀

When the situation arises that you are in doubt of how to pair your outfits, you can conveniently match contrast color or go for neutral but colors to be on a safer side.

Most and importantly, wear yourself the best you can, tap on that confidence, stand tall chin high, and you are good to go.


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How To ALWAYS Look Elegant & Put Together


How To ALWAYS Look Elegant & Put Together 


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