TOP 5 Celebrity Tips: How To Choose The Right Shapewear?

TOP 5 Celebrity Tips: How To Choose The Right Shapewear? - Trophy ShapeWear

We've gathered the TOP 5 Celebrity tips to choose and wear the right shapewear for you


How To Choose The Right Shapewear?


Shapewear, love or hate them, they truly are lifesavers when you need to enhance your body shape, and looking for a quick fix to looking like a million bucks! (Aka hiding the muffin top)

In this quick article, I have collected the TOP FIVER tips used by celebrities such as Beyonce and Kim K, to make you look sexier and more comfortable while wearing your shaper.


Yes, I know that can seem crazy, knowing that getting into a classic one is close to mission impossible. 

But you can hear it from Beyonce herself. In a live interview for The View, she admitted that she wears up to 4 pairs of stockings on stage to “keep it supported” !

Now, with fashion evolving, slipping into your favorite shaper doesn't need to be a struggle, or hurtful whatsoever. This is why the Olivia hourglass body shaper is the perfect solution for you. It features three sets of hooks and a front zipper so you can put it in, effortlessly.

Now, another challenge that we tend to face with classic shaperwear is when you’ll need to stop at the bathrooms.

This is exactly why we ensured that we added an open crotch/gusset to our OLIVIA Shaper so you don’t end up completely naked while attending to your needs.

Bear in mind that your shapers are designed to BE your underwear, so no need to add underwear with it.

HOWEVERRRR’ with any open gusset shaper you can wear your underwear ON TOP of your shapewear. By choosing panties of the same color as your FC Shapewear, you will ensure that your lady’s parts covered.

And make sure that the material is similar to your shaper so you don’t have any panty lines showing or breaking your body shape.

Personal tip: I personally wear an additional layer of shaping panties to add extra support around my waistline. Well because your girl here needs it.


The ALL-IN-ONE Solutions

Well now, in case you'd be looking for a body shaper that just does it all, the Summer bodysuit is your solution. It features a bra section, a shaper section and a hook-closure brief all while looking sexy as hell and being ultra-comfortable.

This gem is created to shape your body onto and hourglass shape. And feature elegant stretchable french style black lace. Effortless sexiness all in one with a good pretty firm hold.

This is the PREMIUM QUALITY type of underwear that you absolutely want and must-have have in your wardrobe because you can wear it inside your house as a sexy piece of lounge wear or lingerie but also outside your house, underneath you favorite dress or tops and jeans.


if you need a softer hold, you absolutely need to check out the Cora body shaper, what's most amazing about it, on the top of being super comfy while doing its job of keeping your body shape together, is that it features and open gusset that's folded. 

So basically your absolutely DON'T need to wear any other type of under with it. Cora has been said to match the Kim K Skims shapewear quality of a body shaper at a much competitive price point!

How To Choose The Right Shapewear?


We created the FC-Shapewear collection so you won’t ever have to struggle with pins or roll down, however, if you already own shapers and struggle with roll down, make sure to attach them with pins to your bra. Et voila ma chere!

Air dry them!

Yes, a dryer machine is wonderful, but by air-drying your shapewear you will allow the material to last longer and go back to its initial firmness. Better support guaranteed.

Buy YOUR size!

Don’t go any size under your size thinking that it will snatch you better. Roll down happen when your shaper is too small or too big for you.

Understand the compression level and chose the right one between light, medium and strong. Check out this article to learn which shapewear to choose for YOUR body type.


And while you're here, learn how to take the best care and elongate the lifespan of your favorite body shapers and underwear.


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How To Choose The Right Shapewear?

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