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Shapewear 101: The Ultimate Care Guide

Buying quality shapewear is important but nothing will replace taking the right kind of care of your fabrics if you want them to last longer. In this article, I answer all of your burning shapewear care questions.


Fold or hang?

Fold the shapers you don't wear very often but do so inside out to protect the outer layer from dust and rubbing over other clothes

Hang what you wear the most often and the most delicate ones

Here the choice of the hanger material is extremely important. Cheap ones (like the wire or plastic hangers) will over time damage your shapers and change their shape. 

I recommend using the coated ones or the chunky wooden ones.

Protect them:

Use anti-dust bags If the sun hit directly on your closet then go for the non-see-through woven bags as they will keep the sun from damaging the fabric color



Learn to use your washing and drying machine. That includes ensuring that you do the proper maintenance of these appliances and that the water that runs through is good. (not containing limestone or excess of bleach)

Some delicate will always have a longer life span if you hand wash them as opposed to throwing them in your washing machine.


Always air-dry your shapers to help protecting its material. Avoid using a dryer. You can make exceptional use of a dryer as long as you only half-dry the shaper and let it air-dry from there.


Our shapewear do NOT need to be

Replace the damaged ones:

Sometimes due to excessive wear or bad washing, you will have to replace your shaper. Please keep in mind that any shapers should be replaced every 90 days in average.


Our shapers should be protected from bleach

Dust off:

If like me you have a lovely fur friend around the house then you know how difficult it can be to manage their fur shedding everywhere and sticking to your clothes. That on the top as usual dust around the house; especially in areas like closets.

For this, you can use a sticky lint roller. Other alternatives are clothes brushes, rubber gloves, scrubbing sponges, tape, or simply wet your hand and rub off the hair off the material. 


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