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How To Workout With Waist Trainers & Shapers

Whether you already own a waist trainer or not I know you're here to get more details on how those marvelous things and shapers can help you lose more weight.


Fat weight VS Water weight:

Working out is what makes you lose extra fat weight, however water is eliminated through your skin while you work out. Sweating helps your body eliminate toxins as well. Maintaining your body at a high temperature facilitate the sweating process. That's where shaper and or waist trainers come in to play.

The reason why sweat bands are so popular is because they simply DO work.

So what is waist training?

Waist trainers such as our Bella PowerSculpt™ Control | Sweat Belt Waist Trainer and our Willow Firm Power Control Fit | Workout Waist Trainer are sweat bands made with plastic or steel corset bones to help correct posture, alleviate back pain as well as keeping your waist tightly together to "train it" or shape it.

 What if you just want to be comfortable while you sweat?

This is where sweating shapers and classic sweat bands come to play. We highly recommend you checking our Madelyn | Under-bust Bodysuit Shaper

How to start waist training and how to choose the best sweating bands for your body?


Shapers and sweat band or sweat active wear come in different shapes and size. Thankfully now you can find pieces to cover a specific part or your entire body all at once.

While waist training we highly recommend low to moderate impact work outs; simply because your rib cage will be compressed and so will your lungs. You need exercises and movements that will give you the time to breathe in and out.


Happy workout, and Always Remember This: You're The Prize, You Are The Trophy!



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