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Labor Day 2021 - Best things To Do

Let's hear it for Labor Day! Celebrated on the first Monday of September, this day was dreamed up by the labor movement in the latter part of the 19th century, and it's been a Federal holiday since 1894. It's also the last three-day weekend of summer, the perfect time to squeeze in some last-minute, warm-weather fun.

If you're planning to spend the holiday at home, you could plan a barbecue and cook up some of the best grilling recipes and easy summer desserts and play an array of outdoor games suitable for all ages. Feeling fancy? Anyone can watch a parade, but why not break out the bikes and organize your very own Labor Day parade up and down the block? You can also keep it simple by just curling up with a good book or movie marathon. If you'd prefer to skip the staycation, head out of town on a road trip to explore a charming small town or National Park you've never seen before. Really, the possibilities are endless—which is why we've done all the, well, labor and come up with a ton of family-friendly ideas for a day well spent.


1. Self Loving:

Labor day is the best time to slow down and give yourself some good TLC. If there's a day where you should wake up at whatever time you see fit, it's THIS day.

Every week I make sure to practice what I call my water rituals. There's nothing better for energy renewing than water!

Drink it naturally (warm is best), Add your favorite flavor of tea, soak yourself into it in a nice bubble bath or swim in it. Which ever you like WILL do the trick.

I love powering those moments with feminine energy activating music (here's my soundtrack)


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2. Home Caring:

Fall is by far the most beauti-fall season of the year 😉. You can use this time to refresh your home decor. My favorite style is of course French country since I'm French. This year I have chosen to go for whites, creams, silver, and golden shades. I found this beautiful inspiration on Pinterest.


If like me you like making things with your hands, I highly recommend doing some Fall DIYs as this is a very relaxing hobby. Here's my favorite youtube channel by LGQueen Home Decor.


3. Movies Marathon: 

This morning I received the latest HBO Max email update. They have just released all the Harry Potter movies! This is a yearly must-watch movie series here in my home. Actually we watch them many times a year!

If you want a free subscription, Peacock has the first three movies available too. 🪄

4. Be outside:

What ever you choose to do, be outside, get your vitamin D. Fall is coming and with more lock-downs or winter our sun exposures will only decrease. Humans are meant to be outdoors to stay healthy. Take yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy some carefree time.

Barbecues are a great way to celebrate this moment of the year.


5. Shop your favorite brands:

This is the best time to plan for your upcoming events looks. Doing things like this in advance ensure that you skip any last minute stresses. Especially if you shop online, you'll make sure that you receive your new favorites way before we truly enter the winter delivery nightmares.

Now more than ever, delivery services are deeply struggling with their operations. So you want to make sure that you get what you need ahead of time.

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