It's SO Nice To Meet You 💖

Trophyshapewear was created to inspire women around the world to fearlessly embrace their confidence while looking elegant, sexy, and sophisticated. 

 Our shapewear is made to make you “Vous tomberez amoureux au premier regard” which is French for “fall in love at first sight.” We are dedicated to making you look fancy, and flawless!

 We work endlessly to bring you shapewear that enhances your figure and makes you look like a Queen. Unlike most undergarments…Trophyshapewear is made to be seen!

 Trophyshapewear Core Values

 Self Love is a fundamental core value that defines the purpose of Trophyshapewear. Our shapers cater to every woman who wants to love herself fully and completely in the now, while evolving into the best version of herself tomorrow. Trophyshapewear is designed to be a quick-fix to keep your confidence high as you enjoy the journey to manifesting your goals and dreams. We strive to demolish any kind of shame with wearing shapers, and will work endlessly to bring you the world’s sexiest shapewear!

 Trophyshapewear believes in the value of Diversity; it is an honor to serve every kind of woman. We keep our thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and values centered around embracing all women. We proudly offer shapers in various tones and colors to cater to as many different bodies possible. We want all women to feel welcomed, valued, supported and respected.

 God’s Abundance is the foundation Trophyshapwear is built on. We believe in making shapers that help women live each day to the fullest while capturing her elegance and grace. We offer various Buy One, Get One offers because we want every woman to feel captivated by her own beauty. And all of our products can be easily purchased by anyone! We proudly accept AfterPay, Zip, Klarna, and Sezzle so you can enjoy the products now while paying later! Above all else...our products are created to shower women with the conviction that they are confident, blessed, and complete. 

Trophyshapwear believes that we have one hand for helping ourselves, and the other hand for helping others. Our company proudly participates in Giving Back to the Community. We believe in empowering women and we do our part by giving back all year long to the American Breast Cancer FoundationOur company looks forward to many other opportunities to give back, while spreading joy across the globe.


Protecting Mother Nature is a core value that is actively used from our daily operations to carbon-neutral shipping. We believe in utilizing eco-friendly and durable materials and packaging that helps to protect our beautiful Earth. That's why we've partners with NILIT® for their Sensil BIOCARE Technology