About The CEO

I wanted to create shapewear that looks beautiful and that I wouldn't feel ashamed to be seen wearing.
As a wife, I always want to look sexy in front of my husband and as I sculpt my figure, I certainly don’t want to look like I was wearing granny panties in front of him.
That's when Trophy ShapeWear was created.

Our Core Values 

We believe In Self-Love:

Wearing shapers doesn't mean that you don't love yourself, it means that you care for and literally support in all possible ways the woman you are today as you evolve to your tomorrow self.
And you don't have to wait to reach your goals to feel more confident. Because the pleasure is not only in the destination, it's mainly found in your life's journey.
And guess what it gets to be and feel easy, pleasurable. and quicker than you think.
Trophy shapers are designed to be your quick fix with long-term goals in mind.
Our number one mission is to keep creating the world’s sexiest shapewear.
We strive to demolish any kind of shame associated with wearing shapers.

We Believe In Diversity:

Our shapewear are all size and all skin tones inclusive

We Believe In God's Abundance:

Why chose when you can have this AND that?
Why choose when the Lord's abundance is only here waiting to bless you?
This is why we create shapewear that works AND looks sexy.
This is why we have amazing Buy One Get One offers,
so you don't have to choose between colors of shapers.
This is also why we've partnered with AfterPay, QuadPay, Klarna & Sezzle
so you get to buy now AND pay later
(interest-free. Always)

We Believe In Giving Back:

Trophy Care All year-long donations to the  American Breast Cancer Foundation.

We believe In Protecting Our Mother Nature:

We use environmentally friendly product packages.