How Shapewear Helps Post-Operative Recovery

How Shapewear Helps Post-Operative Recovery - Trophy ShapeWear

Are you searching for shapewear to flatten your tummy? 

Well, you’re in the right place. We know that sometimes it can be challenging to choose a product, especially when hiding a postpartum belly. Luckily, you've gone through or thinking of going through a mommy makeover undergarment that will help your body regain its shape exist.

If you’re not sure this is the best solution for you, you should keep reading this.

Next, we share our expert insights on how shapewear helps with post-operative recovery. 

Why wear shapewear after surgery?

Of course, you might have your doubts about postpartum shapewear. And the first thing you should know is that post-birth shapewear isn’t about looking better. It has a functional purpose and can make you feel comfortable. Besides, shapewear after surgery, no matter its type, can offer the following benefits:

  • Post maternity shapewear helps your body recover after giving birth;
  • Shapewear can help you feel more comfortable;
  • It acts as a protective layer between your surgery stitches and your regular clothes;
  • It can help you ease back pain;
  • It can help you regain your posture.

How shapewear works?

No matter if we’re discussing postpartum or tummy tucks recovery, shapewear has a functional role. Many surgeons do agree that qualitative compression shapewear will support your back and muscles. Moreover, it will help you achieve a slimmer shape. Shapewear to lose weight or shapewear to hide back fat will make you feel comfortable in your own clothes.

Postpartum shapewear is your ally in alleviating the swelling associated with giving birth. It compresses your blood vessels, fluxing fluids away from your skin.

Which shapewear is best?

When choosing shapewear for post-operative recovery, you should consider several factors. These will ensure you’re receiving the best support for your body. So, make sure you think about the following:

  • Color, many ladies prefer darker fabrics since staining isn’t obvious;
  • Fabric, since you’ll need a soft and comfortable material; it is best to wear shapewear that doesn’t get you hot and sweaty;
  • Closures, since you’ll need a piece of shapewear that will allow you to use the restroom easily;
  • Support, since there are different levels of support, depending on your needs and expectations.

Shopping for the best postpartum shapewear

There are different types of shapewear available. These are meant to support specific body areas, such as the tummy or your love handles. Here are our top picks for the best shapewear for postpartum recovery.

Alexandra Tummy-Control Sheer Bodysuit

If you want to help your body regain its shape before pregnancy, this is the best postpartum shapewear for you. It can sculpt your body, support your back, and aid you to recover from giving birth. It has medium support so that you’ll be comfortable at all times. Besides, it was designed with a breathable and smooth material. It is functional, but at the same time, it comes with a lace decoration that will beautify your body. It is a must-have shaper for any woman out there!


Shapewear helps with post-operative recovery since it offers much-needed support. It is an excellent choice for BBL, tummy tucks recovery and postpartum recovery since it encourages the natural restorative processes in the body.


How Shapewear helps post-operative recovery

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