Are you thinking of getting ShapeWear but don't know where to start?

This is a complete Buying Guide for you, and let's start with why Is ShapeWear So Amazing?

Shapewear OR Foundation garments, act like the perfect base to your outfit. Think of it as your makeup foundation. 👇

You wouldn’t put on a full face without it, correct? 👇

It’s the same for shapewear since most retail clothing aren't structured enough to enhance your body shape.

Besides, if you're not a style expert (we're not judging 😉) with a good eye to recognize what clothes have a neat structure, and will look amazing on you, then that's one more reason for you to want to wear shapewear.

The celebrities do it, the Insta'influencers do it, the slim AND the curvy girls do it, your neighbor Cindy (who always looks put together) does it, we do it, and so can/should you.

Where to start? 👇

Say Hello To Your New BFF/ Butt saver, AKA Shapewear!

NOT all shapewear is created equal. They all have a different purpose based on what they are designed for. 

Now let's talk about compression levels...

Have you ever tried to get into a shaper, only to find out you just couldn't breathe? 🥴

That's because you simply chose the wrong compression level or the wrong size (we’ll get into sizing later)

Some shapers are only made to smooth out your figure and have a very light compression level.

While others are meant to sculpt your waist line and are meant to feel VERY narrow with a powerful compression level. Think of Rose in Titanic getting laced up into her corset. 

So what compression level is best for you?

SmoothOut Fit Collection - Low Compression

CorePlus Fit Collection - Medium Compression

PowerSculpt Fit Collection- High Compression

The answer is simple, which ever you can wear. If you're just starting out with wearing shapewear, then go with a low compression level and gradually higher as your body gets used to the compression.

We also recommend to wear low to medium compression shapewear for longer wear.

If however you wish to sculpt your body for a few hours. Let's say you're attending an event, and really want to fit into a tight and curve-hugging dress; then pick a medium to high compression level. As long as you can still breathe while wearing your shapewear.

So what kind of shapewear is best for your outfit?

Shapewear have an array of different designs and cuts that are made to be worn with the majority of your outfits. Focused around the area of your body you wish to shape or sculpt. Let's start from the top of your body.

Arm shapers

These are your go to if you want to shape your arms and can be worn under any top with sleeves that cover your arms. They don't necessarily cover your bust but some actually do like our Isabel arm shaper and posture corrector

Then can also be worn as sleeves extension under your sleeveless tops/dresses.

Shop All Arm Shapers HERE

Tummy Shapers (most popular ones)

These are made to provide a targeted focus around your waist line to flatten your tummy, and to sculpt your figure into an hourglass body shape. #BodyGoal Check out our BEST sellers 👇🏽


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Butt Shapers / Lifters

These will rapidly become you new BFFs if you want to enhance or create curves around this are of your body. Some shaper even include pads to provide extra volume. Check out our Coralie Bodysuit shorts.👇🏽

Shop All Butt Lifters

Thighs & Hips Shapers

Want to refine your thighs and look a tad taller? These ones are for you. some are made to create a thigh gap and smooth out hip dips. Just like our VICTORIA Shaper, that's combined with a waist trainer to provide a mid section shaping support and under-bust support.👇🏽

Want to Add extra curves? Again out padded shapers are available, such as our Alex | Hip Dip Fixer & PowerSculpt Olivia Padded Shapewear 🔥


All over bodysuit shapers

These ones are made to provide a full body support, perfect for wearing under a long and curves hugging dress (with or without sleeves) or a jumpsuit. Just like our CorePlus™ Coralyn Fit 2.3

And More options 👇


Which color is best?

Skin tone, nude or black?

Ideally get a pair of both so this way you won't have to choose or only have one option. Check our speicla Buy On Get One Offers.

Only want one?

Ok, we've ALL heard that black makes us look slimmer and more elegant BUT hear us out.

The best color to go with IS NOT black when if comes to shapewear. We know what you might be thinking, "If I wear black most of the time, it only makes sense that I choose black underwear and shapewear.."


Well, shapewear that match your natural skin tones will NEVER be seen no matter what color you are wearing. That means that you'll have the freedom to even wear whites, creams, or any light pastel colors and obviously black and any other shades.

This is why we highly recommend going for your skin tone shapewear like our Coralie Bodysuit Shapers.

Here at Trophy ShapeWear we carry a large selection of skin tone shades to fit all complexions. Hurry before we sell out again...

ShapeWear Or Lingerie?

How about BOTH?!

We have created Trophy ShapeWear with the word "Sexy" in mind. ❤️‍🔥

That's why we've created an entire lingerie shapewear collection. Mixing delicate french styled lace and tummy control shaping materials;

Let us introduce you to The Trophy Wifey Collection, check out our BEST selling pieces right here. 


TrophyWife Collection

Weight Loss Support

Boost your self confidence with our X-trem Sweat Collection of shaping active wear. From shorts, Leggings to waist trainers.



What makes trophyShapewear special is the power of our shapers features.

Our Trophy Shapers were not only made to look SEXY as hell, but also to be PRACTICAL.

We broke down all the fetaures so that you'll easily know what shaper fits your body needs HERE 👇

Anatomy Of A Shaper 101 Guide - Part 2

PRESS PLAY: Easy Tutorial


Measure your body using a standard measuring tape or use the FREE body measurement app Sizer (available for both iOS & Android) HERE.

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