🏆 Shapewear is definitely a wardrobes must-haves. Whether you need the best shapewear for a formal dress or comfortable everyday shapers, our Trophy Shapewear collections are made to help you achieve the best Queenly body shape.

Our shaping lingerie is made of high quality Lycra of silicone, a warm but breathable material. This means you will get the chance to feel and look amazing, while sculpting your curves.

And we perfectly know that seeing your sexily shaped silhouette will encourage you to wear your beloved clothes without worrying about them looking awkward on you.


🔥 Insta-picture worthy, MINUS the filters! 📱📷

Levels of compressions:

We offer three different levels of compression:

🏆 PowerSculpt Fit: (SHOP HERE)

Shapers with this fit will offer the highest and strongest level of targeted compression.

🏆 CorePlus Fit: (SHOP HERE)

Shapers with this fit will offer medium level of targeted compression. 

🏆 SmoothOut Fit: (SHOP HERE)

Shapers with this fit will offer the lowest and most comfortable level of targeted compression. Perfect for all day & night long wear. 


All of our shapers are true to US size according to our chart. We recommend selecting one size down if you wish to get more compression

What is a gusset and what is the difference between them all?

A gusset is a piece of material sewn into a garment to strengthen a part of it, such as the crotch of an undergarment. 

Many of our items have this to offer the customer the option of not wearing a panty underneath to eliminate panty lines. 

🏆 Regular Gusset

This means the item will be just like a regular, normal panty with no openings

🏆 Double Gusset

These will have 2 pieces of fabric that overlap to provide a discrete opening between the legs for ease of use when using the restroom (just like mens underwear for ladies).

🏆 Easy Access Gusset

This gusset looks like a normal gusset that has been cut down the center. This cut creates a natural opening off the fabric when you sit to use the restroom.  Over the slit, there is a strip of super stretchy fabric that you need to slide to the side to expose the slit allowing you to use the restroom.

🏆 Open Gusset

This gusset is fully open, usually with a wide opening for a more comfortable restroom use. In which case extra underwear right on your size (not tighter nor bigger) is recommended to not obstruct your shaper’s smoothing effect.

🏆 Hook & Eye

The panty bottom actually has hook & eye closures, similar to a bra, allowing you to fully disconnect the front part of the garment from the back.

🏆 No Irritation Policy 😻

All of our gussets are doubled with ultra soft cotton.

Should you chose to skip wearing extra panties; you can do so without worrying about irritations or sweat!

🏆 Gusset Use In The Restroom | Your Shaper GodMother Tip: 🧚‍♀️

For all of our gussets, we recommend following a few rules:

Practice using the gusset at home before using it in public (you might urinate on yourself a tad, we've been there, practice makes perfect😉) 

Always hover! Don’t sit on the toilet seat but if you need to, then secure the material wide open between you and the seat.


Anti-Roll Down Technologies

We know it ain't cute to have to put back your shapers where it 's supposed to be many times over thoughout your day or night... cuz' not only it's annoying and embarassing in public but it HURTS AS HELL, right?!

From side bones, anti-roll up silicones to removable and adjustable straps, ALL of shapers are made to STAY in place as your body moves. 💃

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